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0 votes
It seems that the received/removed FP notification has a bug since a few days!?

I have received several daily emails notifying me, that loggers have removed favorites but on the cache details no names are shown in the removed colomn. In other mails the cache details shows cacher names have removed a favorite but they have obviously never logged this cache from what I can see from my found emails so it's also not from a deleted log...

Does anyone else see such errors?
in Bug reports by TCapitano (300 points)
I received an FP notification email today, details on it were correct.

1 Answer

0 votes
This sounds like it would be related to the GDPR implementation from HQ. We will probably see similar issues in several places the coming months.

Users are allowed to opt-out from being used by third party sites and applications. We therefore only receive partial data on them. It has been hard for us to foresee what the effects would be. We did have a meeting with HQ where they told us their plan, sadly what happened later was not at all what was agreed on, so we were very unprepared.

If you have seen this case on a geocache which doesn't have a lot of found it-logs, it would be interesting to analyze it. But since it will be done manually, I prefer one that don't have hundreds of logs. Even 20 is almost a bit too much.

UPDATE: I wouldn't be surprised if you at some point get an email that you have gotten all those favorite points again, from another user, or even the same. But I don't know yet, that's why we need a case to analyze. The whole GDPR thing is less than a week old.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
Welcome to GDPR hell! :D ;)

Yes that makes totally sense - also from the timeline view.

Unfortunately I'm not able to provide caches with less than 20 logs. Most of them have several thousands. ;)

Yes your observation is right: I also see some added favorites which were given years ago from cachers close by who I really know and they were not removed and later on added.

In case that I can help in any other way, let me know: I have saved the appropriate emails and have GC-nicks, which were included by mistake. But I cannot add them here in public of courseā€¦

Thanks, TCap.
We will probably figure it out fairly soon. Thank you for showing your understanding.

The issue itself is based on the fact that we don't receive user-id's anymore. So, the Favorite points you "lost" were bound to a user-id, but now that user don't exist anymore. But we do create new "fake accounts" as placeholders for those where we don't have that data, that's where you get the "new" favorite points from. It's not very beautiful.

We will see how we will work with it long-term. We wouldn't be surprised if HQ changes something either. We just needed something fast to get the site to even work properly.
Any progress for that issue?