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+7 votes
The lackey rockchalk was on the recent Geocaching podcast and he was talking about achieving quadruple Jasmer. Could something be added to Find Stats that shows the Top Jasmer Loopers?
in Feature requests by -DOLFINANDO- (3.1k points)
That was a good podcast.  I think this request has been on the stack a while.  Duplicate here.
Groundspeak brought this up in the blog.
I hope that it gets implemented soon!
I just finished my quadruple Jasmer at the end of May 2019! I,  also, would like to see a list of the top Jasmer Loopers. It  will become more desired as more people attain this challenge .
Just finished my Quad Jasmer and would love to see this feature!
This is now being calculated for the newest badgen implementation.  So can it be migrated here?
I was thinking the same thing! There is a badge with 4 loops on my jasmer badge so the information is there somewhere. There just isn't a way to see everyone's loops like you can with other charts.

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