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0 votes

I am interested in a challenge cache, GC42GEN, that requires me to find lonely caches, those that have not been found in 180 days. Can I do a search of my finds to identify those that qualify?

in Support and help by 2dsquared (120 points)

3 Answers

0 votes

That might be not possible.

What a checker can not do 
* The checkers does not have access to logs from others on the geocaches logged. Therefore a challenge to log a geocaches that hasn't been logged for one year isn't possible. We are however looking into solving this in the near future (June is expected). Details are yet to be determined.


by micha_de (4.2k points)
A way is to create a list of finds on lonely caches Is to perform the same process as is done for FTFs where you put something unique in the Found log, Example (lonely). I realize this is basically a going forward solution but so was the FTF process in the beginning. Some geocachers may remember some of their lonely finds and can edit their logs with a keyword set by Project-GC. TheView
0 votes

I cannot think of an easy way to do this using project-gc tools either, although you could get a hint as to which caches might be candidates using the "Lonely cache" tool:

That will give you a personal sorted list of the caches that you have found that have the highest score of number of days active divided by number of finds. That may of course not be indicative of which of your finds qualify, but it is better than sifting through your finds in some other order. Besides, you do not need to generate an exhaustive list of the caches that qualify - you really only need to find one example, so you might get lucky early on.

If you only need 180 days, it may be easier to just go find one:

Good luck!

by Funky_Boris (9.7k points)
Thank you for the answers! Unfortunately for this challenge cache I need to have found 10 (as I recall) lonely caches. It sounds like there is no easy way to determine this, so I'll move on to other challenge caches. I favor those that use the project-gc challenge checker!
0 votes
GSAK would be about the only thing that may be able to do it, I think a friend used it to build their unloved list. I track mine via a google sheet (I am picking up an unloved challenge today and working towards another one), fortunately I only had a couple of hundred finds to my name when I started so going back through them manually wasnt too bad.
by BFMC (3.6k points)
GSAK will do this. However, another way is to manage like FTFs where you put a
something unique in the Found log, Example (lonely).