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Hi all,

the cache GC33E4C causes problems.

It does not have a challenge checker. It is impossible for a user to prove that he/she meets the requirements. The owner deletes logs without being able to prove that the user does not meet the requirements.

Although the behavior of the ownver violates the rules and the rules of good conduct and this should be addresses by reviewers/groundspeark, i'd prefer to see a checker for this cache. Otherwise a need archive is probably the best solution.

Would it be possible to write such a checker? I have not found another challenge cache with similar enough requirements in order to clone it.

I can write the checker but there is no longer access to the sand box.

Thank you.

in Miscellaneous by Arnaudd (1.6k points)

1 Answer

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For challenge checker requests, use the following forum:

As your selected category hints, these request are no longer handled here.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
selected by Arnaudd
Thanks, i was wondering where the requests were gone.
If you go to project-gc, click on Tools -> Challenge Checkers, you already see a link to challenge checkers forum.