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0 votes
in Miscellaneous by after8 (120 points)
Could you elaborate please?

2 Answers

0 votes
Can you explain what you mean by false logs? Fake logs of people not actually visiting your caches?

You are allowed to deleted fake logs if you are sure that they are fake.
by Arnaudd (1.6k points)
Hello! No, fake logs are not on my caches. In order to gain positions in the statistics they logged T/D caches to fill the matrix, they logged ancient caches in the USA to fill the logged month matrix (in one day thay went from alaska to tennessee and Washington, passing throuh new york and going to oregon and florida the day after). To be at the top of visited countries they logged from chile to singapore (passing by alaska and tennessee) on the same day. In all these countries only one cache is logged and even if they were airline pilots, these logs are clearly fake. The result is that these geocachers are at the top of the statistics, but their logs are not real (phisically impossible: they obviously searched which caches they needed to fill a matrix and they simply logged them in 2-3 days, but without actually finding them).
0 votes
Ok, now i understand.

It is unfortunately something common, some people seem happy to show nice faked stats. Usually these guys are well known in their local community and do not dare to show up at events. Nobody gives them value.

This is a groundspeak related issue as the guidelines state that a logbook must have been physically signed. I suggest that you contact the COs of the caches involved, inform them about the possible fake (with a proof) and request for log deletion. You could even post a request for maintenance and indicate that the log book must be checked, but this is extreme it is always better to first contact the CO directly. If it does not work, you can contact groundspeak using the contact form on their site. There is a drop box item for the category that is about violations.
by Arnaudd (1.6k points)