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a new generic checker has been created, searching for a text into cache name and cache description.

Do not hesitate to adapt it for your own needs.

(Be aware that the search is based on regular expressions but it can be easily adapted for plain text).
in Miscellaneous by TofLaBeuze (5.4k points)

1 Answer

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I tested de checker on my own score and I passed although there are only two GR mention in my cache list.

I should have failed de score.

There is still something wrong with the checker.

My score list reads:

I have used [url=]Project-GC[/url] to see if I qualify for this challenge and I do.
Possible qualifying caches:
2014-03-28:GC1XG1H De la Schlucht au Calvaire #2
2014-06-21:GC46P4V Via Francigéna Aisne #033
2014-06-21:GC46P50 Via Francigéna Aisne #034
2014-06-21:GC46P57 Via Francigéna Aisne #036
2014-06-22:GC46TRD Via Francigéna Aisne #055
Please verify result manually to ensure all caches listed are valid
Required number of finds: 5
You have found: 5
by vogelbird (Expert) (52.6k points)
One of the criteria is -dans leur titre ou leur descriptif 5 numéros de GR différents
Hallo Vogelbird,

in fact, the challenge checker does not verify currently the unicity of each GR : it collects only all geocaches with "GR" mentions. Therefore, I stated in my challenge to select manually unique GRs and there is always the sentence above "Please verify result manually to ensure all caches listed are valid".
I will try to improve the checker in a next release, but it's a bit difficult (for me, at least).
ps : I got a nice souvenir from "La Schlucht", not this cache but another not so far :)
Thanks for your answer and succes on your updated release