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0 votes

Hi guys,

according to FAQ (see below) I am supposed to ask "the support" if interested in writing challenge checkers. There are 4 different ways of support when clicking the SUPPORT button. How to proceed now?

How do I apply for access to write challenge checker scripts?

You contact our support. They will give you all the documentation you need and a minor test to make sure that you have understood both our challenge checker system and the guidelines.

in Support and help by Team On (120 points)
I had asked a long time ago, the only answer i received is that they do not accept new members to the team.
Is there at least a way to use the scripts for your own statistics? Lets say (just an example) you want to know weather you have a found on every calender day with webcamcaches and therefore want to program a challenge checker for your privat use. Is that possible?
We do accept new members to this team now. The proper button to press is Support -> Project-GC Support.

1 Answer

0 votes
It worked for me

I have to read the explanation during my holidays and apply for a small test

Hope it will go well then
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)