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I am very new to Project-GC so please forgive my total ignorance at this point. I am trying to grasp and use some of the power that seems built into this service. I built a custom filter in order to find caches with a specific attribute. I believe it is set up correctly, but now what? How/where exactly do I USE the filter to simply see a list which the attributes selected? I go to the live map screen, but do not see a way to apply the filter there. I do see how to use them in some of the specific searches, but those tend to not be general enough searches. is there a way to simply filter a map to see all of a certain type of cache in my local area?
in Support and help by JVMcCache (120 points)

1 Answer

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The simplest thing to use Custom Filters is in Map Compare. Regardless the name and the description of the tool, you do not have to compare against anyone. Filling just your name and checking "none found" will list all caches that you did not find. Good thing is to limit them to some country/region. Additionally, you can add also your custom filter.

Unfortunately, the custom filters are not integrated in the live map (yet?).

by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)