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A friend of mine encountered the problem that her email-address (and therefore also her account) on did not complete the validation process (validation link never arrived). The request of a new link (through -> Settings -> Email Preferences) also didn't work. Due to this she was not able to write any messages or send/receive friend request.
in Support and help by Klappergebiss (310 points)
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Helpful. Thank you.
Do not add "Thank you answers" -- use a comments or votes.
I'm sorry about that. I made an upvote and then I thought that might be too meager. I should add some words. Is it possible to delete that? By hiding for instance?
Thank you for your advice.
There is possibility to edit it and move it to comments section as I did just now.
@Jakuje thanks for that (I also didn't know about the comment-functionality)

@eltopo00 glad if it helped :)
@Klappergebiss ideally, if you resolved your question, writing the solution into answer field would be more appropriate so this question does not stick in the unanswered list (regardless the edited title).
@Jakuje thanks for the advice. I hope I did it correctly now. :)

1 Answer

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[SOLUTION] We finally solved it by logging in to her account on the homepage ( and then directly going to which triggers the script to send the validation link (no matter if it was sent before or not). By this she finally received the link, could click it and everything is fine now :)

Hope this helps you, if you have the same problem.

by Klappergebiss (310 points)