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0 votes
Some owners apply banners in the listing of their caches, for example

<a href=""><img src="" width="468" height="294" alt="GC74F4G - Goldsuche in St. Peter-Ording (Bernstein)" /></a></p><br />

I'd like to select the caches I've already found in regard to this feature. Is it possible in Project-GC?

I hope my question is clear? Thanx for answering in advance.
in Miscellaneous by eltopo00 (1.8k points)

3 Answers

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Es gibt einen Challenge-Checker, der versucht nach "Bannern" in den Cache-Beschreibungen zu suchen. Der könnte hilfreich sein:

"Kommentar zur Markierung: Zeigt Caches mit dem Wort "Banner" und "img" im Listing. Bitte von Hand prüfen, ob die Caches den Logbedingungen entsprechen. Shows Caches with the word "Banner" and "img" in the listing. Please verify result manually to ensure all caches listed are valid."


 There is a Challenge-Checker that tries to search for "banners" in the cache descriptions. That could be helpful:

by micha_de (6.8k points)
selected by eltopo00
Thanx a lot for info. Recommended checker works fine!
0 votes
No. It is not possible in Project-GC. There is no feature in PGC that would search the content of the listings as far as I know.

But you can do that manually by downloading your My Finds GPX, which contains all the listings and search for this particular image (in case it is really the same image -- if not, you would have to visually go through all the listings to identify these caches).
by Jakuje (Moderator) (115k points)
Thanx for your fast and detailed answering.
Greetings, eltopo00
0 votes
I used the checker for my banner, and he shows me some new banner , I didn't added to my profile,
on the other hand , some of my banner , already added where not found in the caches I had logged .

So a good tool , but not 100%

There is an other Beta tool, which will go through a gpx file (so you have to create at first a gpx file of all your logged caches) and will try to discover the banner info and will create a list of the banners.

Also it will create the coding needed to be added to your profile to show the banners.
here is the link:

It is german,  but translated with deepl     you will get it

give it a try

by Rolli2 (6.3k points)
Thanx for your info and thanx for the link. I tried it this morning but the beta version shows not only banners, but other image files, too. The developer says it would take some work until it runs fine ...
Greetings, eltopo00