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0 votes
At the bottom of questions I have asked there is a button "Hide this question". Could anybody explain for what purpose I should use it?

Thanx a lot for your reply!
in Support and help by eltopo00 (1.8k points)
retagged by eltopo00
What is your question? Pls try again

1 Answer

0 votes
Button to hide a question or answer is useful if you managed to create question (or answer) that does not make any sense and there is no way it could be helpful for others.

This can happen if you accidentally write your search query into the new question field on the main page. Or if the question/answer turns out to be inappropriate, rude, abusive, this can be used by moderators, rather than deleting the question/answer.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
Thank you for your reply.
I think I understand: hiding questions or answers seems to be an instrument for moderators. If I (as a questioneer) think my question or my comment is not helpful for others then I rather would delete it than to hide it.
Greetings, eltopo00