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0 votes
I followed your advice to create a list of new caches from a certain owner but it doesn't work. Of none of the caches that were published after 09/01/18 (that's the date when I created the notifier) I was informed by mail.

But: all the caches I talk about are hidden already in June or July 2018. Could that be the reason why the notifier skript can't identify them as "new"?
in Support and help by eltopo00 (1.8k points)

1 Answer

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Yes, The notifier notifies you only about new caches (published after the notifier was set up). If you wish to see already published cache, you can use any other search or map tool (Map Compare) with cache owner filter, but notifiers will now help you. Notifiers are only for newly published caches.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
Thank you for replying.
You wrote: "Notifiers are only for newly published caches."
My question (or my problem) is: does it really mean "published" or does it mean "hidden by owner"?
If "new" means "published" then I have the problem, that the new caches of the certain owner are not shown by notifier whereas they are published two days after I had created the query in VGPS.
The notifier will email you when a new cache is published that lives up to your settings.

If a cache has been published since you set up the notifier, you most likely have a filter in it that prevented the cache to fulfill the settings, and therefor you didn't get an email.
Thank you for your attempt.
But I'm sorry, that isn't very helpful.
For you didn't wrote what settings are not fulfilled or which filter prevented the cache ...
In my query I said give me all new caches of owner xy in a radius of 50 kilometers around my home koordinates.
What else should I do? Or what do you think could "prevent the cache to fulfill the settings"?
Well, you didn't provide your settings in the original post, so not sure how you expect me to tell which ones prevents you from getting a mail?

If those 2 settings in your latest reply are all limitations you set up in your notifier, then it must be over 50km. If the cache is published after you set up the notifier, and the owner is the one you specified, and it is within 50km of your house, you might have mispelled the owner name, or there might be a bug with the notifier.
Thank you for your reply.
In your last answer you spoke about a "filter that prevented the cache". That is why I asked which do you mean ..
The caches I want to be listed are within 50 km from my home coordinates, the cache is published after I set up the notifier, the spelling of owners's name is ok.
Here is an example of one of the caches that should be shown
I would like to send you a screenshot of my query, but I don't know how to append a JPG file.
Maybe the notifier's ID could help you to find out the failure? The ID is 3762.