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Auto complete of location for center/radius filter not working

0 votes

not sure if this is a config error in my browser or a bug:

When I used the "center/radius" filter e.g. on "Most favorite points" search in former times, it used to have an autocomplete/suggestion function (I guess based on Google).

This recently stopped working for me. Now I have the problem, that due to this the search often returns empty results (due to the location not beeing found). This e.g. happens for the location "Quebec".

Can someone reproduce or explain?


asked Sep 7, 2018 in Bug reports by Lineflyer (4,250 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Hmm, seems to work fine for me, except when I try Québec. I think it is the "é" that breaks something.




They all return nothing. But other places seems to work fine, which is why I suspect the "é" to be the problem.
answered Sep 8, 2018 by MAS83 (1,950 points)