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0 votes
Hi GC Project Team,

Ive logged the cache GC38TF7 which is in mine in about 800m deepth.

But the cache isnt shown in my statistics so I asked the owner about the deepth of the cache and he pointed me to your FAQ about evelation.

Now my question: Can you fix the elevation/deepth of the cache GC38TF7?


in Support and help by X_Burner (120 points)
Actually it's worse than that. Per the FAQ, even caches at ground level can be significantly inaccurate where elevation changes significantly. A cache at the foot of a 200m cliff could be up to 200m incorrect. A cache at the top of a pointy mountain will always be lower than the true height of the mountain.

This is just something we have to live with, based on the limits of the technology available. PGC does not want to overide any parameters on a per cache basis as this leads to a HUGE amount of manual upkeep.

1 Answer

+3 votes
No, since the elevation is as correct as it is reasonably possible to make it. Elevation information is not included from, and all caches are assumed to be on ground level (regardless of if they in reality are placed in a mine or at the top of a really high tower). You can read a longer explanation of this at (the two first subjects).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (176k points)