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I have up until recently received notifications from pgc on edited logs on my own caches very nicely. But now this function seems to have stopped. Last notification was on 16th of september. Anyone else experience the same scenario?

And, Yes, I know there are edited logs after that, I am still a paying member (membership payed until 2022) and I have checked that notification for edited logs still is ticked under my settings on project-gc.
in Bug reports by Kasheuren (350 points)

2 Answers

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I have a notification of an edited log from the 20th. Note that it may take a rather long time from that a log is edited to that Project-GC notices this, since there is no way we can tell without refreshing the cache. This is done periodically but most often when the cache is logged. It that doesn't happen, I think the interval for refreshes is something like a month.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
selected by Kasheuren
Aha, that would explain things and also gave me an insight into how pgc actually works.
This would explain, I assume, why a recent logg that was edited just shortly after it was placed did not trigger a notification. This would be so since a notification needs two cache renewals at pgc, one after the logg was placed, then another after the edition.
This would also imply that I can trigger a notification from a cache by placing a little note logg on the cache (but without deleting it right away since that note would go unnoticed from pgcs point of view).
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You can try to start a faster refreshing of a specific cache in "User settings" -> press button "Support" ->  "Self-support"

-> "Refresh specific geocaches by writing their GC-codes below and pressing the refresh-button"

Type the GC-code and press "Refresh"

Good luck an enjoy geocaching


by micha_de (7.1k points)
Perfect, I have now tested this a few times and it seems to work excellently. But how on earth I should have found that function I don't know, no way I hade looked under Settings/Supports to reload a notification job!...
Nevertheless thanks a lot, Micha!