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Does anyone else have a problem with the statistic "most states in a day"?  

This stat has been coming up wrong for me from the beginning.  Instead, it is reporting and listing the most countries in a day.
in Bug reports by caverdon (180 points)
Your statistics that other people can see looks correct, If you look at your own stats they are different because any result calculated from your home coordinates are not included like Nearest cache found Furthest cache found etc. What is the most in a date stat on your own profile? The public is:

Most countries in a day:    2 ( Hong Kong United States ) on 2008-06-06
Most states in a day:    3 (新界 New Territories, California, 香港島 Hong Kong Island) on 2008-06-06
Most counties in a day:    6 (Sevier County (TN), Roane County (TN), Knox County (TN), Cumberland County (TN), Putnam County (TN), Smith County (TN)) on 2007-12-22
The stat that is wrong:

Most states in a day:    3 (新界 New Territories, California, 香港島 Hong Kong Island) on 2008-06-06

It is correct that I had 3 states in a day.  But the correct date was 2009-09-24, and the states were Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.  Project-GC is listing 2 states in China that I completed on 1 day.

2 Answers

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I don't see the problem. These three logs are from three different states/regions:


All from the 6th of June 2008.

by magma1447 (Admin) (233k points)
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I looks like the stats i working correctly.

You logged 3 states on 2008-06-06
新界 New Territories
香港島 Hong Kong Island
PGC thinks that HongKong has tree states and you logged a cache in two of them and in California the same date. If the number are the same the first time is used
If the states in Hong-Kong should be counties is another question. They don't exist but this is the case in many countries groundspeeks decision where to include states and what they are are quite confusing. For example Finland has non on but Sweden has 21. PGC has 18 states in Finland using the same definition as uses in Sweden
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
Ah -- makes sense!  Yes, I did get a cache in California on that day.  So with the 2 "states" in China and the one in California, that makes 3 states.  The first time I did it.

I did not think about it as I was comparing the results against FindStatGen, and it listed the 3 U.S. states.  Makes sense that this would be an issue for FindStatGen as it does not have any knowledge of many foreign country "states" (I think).
You can force GSAK to add counties and state to caches.
Just add YB to the "County Update" and SB to "State update" field in the load GPX dialog to add the data from polygons. They are not exactly the same as PGC and some borders can differ a bit
As a side note. Project-GC has state and county information for a lot more countries than GSAK now. Also, our data might not always match. From what I know, our data is more up-to-date and more detailed than the data GSAK uses for many countries.

I am not saying this because I want to say that Project-GC is better. I just wanted to state that the data might differ between the products.