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+1 vote
For lists such as top finders/hiders, lists should show people on equal points as equal place. Currently if the top 10 cachers are on the same points they are listed as 1 to 10, when in fact they would all be equal first, then the 11th person would be in 11th place.
in Support and help by toonburner (420 points)

1 Answer

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I let the community come with input here. I personally don't agree, but we usually try to do what the users want.

It should also be noted that many top lists has a hidden secondary sorting. For example, for top finders it could be that the latest find is a secondary sort, consider these two cases:

  1. X has 1000 finds, the latest being today.
  2. Y has 1000 finds, the latest being last year.
  3. Z has 1001 finds, the latest find irrelevant.

The order of those would then be Z, Y, X.

Now I don't remember any secondary sorting in Top finders, but there could be. At least I know there are in many others.

by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
I think the natural order would then be Y before X, since Y was the first one to reach 1000 finds (like in sports, it's only the first one that sets the world record).
But I tend to agree with the first suggestion more, there are several people in this ongoing race that are currently in the same place, they should have the same position in the top list.
Yes I am sorry, that was an error in my example, and I will correct it, to make it clear what I meant.
I would say that if there is a suitable secondary sort (like the example here) it should be used and the first person to achieve 1000 finds should be #1 and the second #2, even though they have the same number of finds. It would be very nice, though, if the secondary sort for each page was specified on the page.

Also, it's of course possible for multiple people to get the same position even after applying a secondary sort.