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create a list out of "open" caches when 360 degree challenge checker is used

0 votes
When I use a 360 degree challenge checker and click on a red degree, I see the open caches for these part od the plan.

But than I have no chance to make a list out of that shown caches.

It take a lot of time to change the degrees, and to make a list of caches for the next tour would be easier to have the caches in a list.

asked Oct 7, 2018 in Feature requests by Rolli2 (6,210 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Fixed, was so stupid, there is already the possibility to create a VGPS out of the result.

So I can add the open caches from several degrees to a cominded list and also to a combinded map
answered Oct 9, 2018 by Rolli2 (6,210 points)