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0 votes
Hallo all :-)

I would like to find caches at altitude. I'm planning a route that I've entered in the scheduler, but the filters do not allow me to search for a cache with only a certain altitude. The route is long, caches are a lot, so I need to filter according to this criterion. Is if possible? How? (I am a paying user.)

Thank you :-)
in Support and help by HawkeyeCZ (140 points)

4 Answers

0 votes

It is not possible directly. These filters are not part of Project-GC for some reason, even though it was already asked at least once.

But assuming you already created a list of candidate caches (in a bookmark list -- if you have them in VGPS, you can export them to Bookmark list) and you want lets say all caches above some altitude, you can use the Top Elevation Caches tool (with Bookmark list filter) to get a sorted list from where you can select the caches you are interested in (again to VGPS).

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Thank you, Jakuje ;-)
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From what I see, you don't need to create a bookmark list. At least not if you want to have the x highest caches of a certain region. You can perform a search with the above mentioned filter (Top Elevation Caches), do not use a profile but a region. This should be enough. Altough, it is not possible to search for a certain elevation range.

There is also the possibility to run an elevation macro in GSAK. However, I did a run and it did not update the Cache elevation at all, but this may be because I haven't used it in months, old version, whatever. Probably, this can be checked by someone who is more familiar with GSAK.
by _Ulle_ (1.1k points)
0 votes
You can create a list of caches with the highest elevation. Go to Statistics / Top elevation and choose the region. You can export this findings and further work on this list.
by AchWas-HN (440 points)
0 votes

I had this same quasification on elevation in a sector in order to satisfy local elevation challenges ... I could not find anything better than soliciting the highest caches per country and checking them one by one ... it's long but it worked.

traduit par google translate du français

j'avais eu ce méme quastionnement sur les élévation dans un secteur en voualnt satisfaire a des challenges d'élévation locales ... je n'ai rien trouvé de mieux que soliciter les caches les plus élevées par pays et de les vérifier une par une ... c'est long mais ça a marché.

by Chup'a (11.2k points)