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0 votes
I'm searching for a way to add a filter so that I don't see caches I've already found in, for instance, Hidden Month and DT Matrix tools (obviously, with loop > 1). I did realize I could do this by saving the list to a Virtual GPS list, and then filtering that, but that seems a bit cumbersome.

in Support and help by B2Pi (180 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
If you fill your geocaching username in the first field "Profile name" (or click on the icon next to it), it will automatically filter your found caches in most of the tools.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
I hadn't known that. Unfortunately, although it works quite nicely for the Fizzy tool (D/T Matrix tool), it doesn't work for the Hidden Date tool, nor for the Jasmer tool (Hidden Month tool). Is there any chance that that could be added, or ought I submit a feature request?
It should work for all of these tools the same way. Can you share a link where it does not work for you?
I'm ashamed that I let this drop. I'm now working on my third Jasmer, and the issue is still going on.

Here's the initial search screen (Profile name selected)

Here's the top half of the result screen, clearly showing the happy found faces.

Finally, just as verification, here's the lower section of the results screen. The first two caches, if you feel like checking, I found as part of my first Jasmer challenge.

Sounds like a bug to me in combination with either of the filters. Unfortunately, the only one who can probably fix it is probably the admin magma1447, who seems to be not checking this QA very frequently so you might try to reach him through the support, referencing this QA thread, which should have enough information to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.
Thanks. I've submitted a bug report