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+1 vote
I am often looking for night caches in certain areas. Sadly there is no possiblity to filter the cache statistics (e.g. favorite caches) for that. It would be quite useful for several occassions if the lists can be filtered by cache attributes.

This would allow getting cache lists specific for various needs (assuming the cache owner set the correct attributes):
- Night caches
- Swim/Diving caches
- Park and Grab caches
- Tourist friendly caches
- and much more depending on the users needs
in Feature requests by Lineflyer (4.3k points)

2 Answers

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Looks like this is already possible by using the custom filters:

It is quite well hidden there and users may need some logical understanding to use it.
I still recommend to have predefined attribute filters for e.g. night caches (as they are quite popular as a separate "cache type").
by Lineflyer (4.3k points)
selected by Lineflyer
Hey .... that's nice. Thanks for that tipp! :) .... I have searched for such a filter quite a few times. From my point of view it's ok.
0 votes
I found a mistake does not filter in attributes.
I chose filter:
Top Finders - Only people from: Czech Republic - Custom filter: Lost And Found Tour - Partnership Cache (selected only attributes Lost And Found Tour and Partnership Cache)
result = nothing found
And another filter does not work:
Top Finders - Only people from: Czech Republic - Custom filter: Attributes ALL (selected all attributes positive and 
result = nothing found
all atributes
by 3am (150 points)
The reason is that the filter is that they work like you wrote (Lost And Found Tour and Partnership Cache) both Lost And Found Tour  and Partnership Cache is required on all caches. All selected attributes are required on the same cache and not cache have both

There is no option to create a or option between requirement in a custom filter. Create two instead and add all caches to a VGPS to show what you was looking for
You also need to show archived and a disabled caches to map compare.
The only cache with Lost And Found Tour is GC23HKB 10 Years! (Severni Cechy, Czech republic) that was in 2010

The reason is the same for top finders. The filter is on caches and not on finders. You asks for finds on caches with all attributes set and it is impossible. Positive and negative can't be set at the same time and the maximum is 15 per cache
So you can not create a filter for the cacher who found these two attributes?
Or for a person who found all the attributes?
No you cant. The filter is for caches and you tries to use it for people The dont work that way
and the options are "and" an not "or"
OK, thanks for the information.