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How do you log earth caches? I log them with a write note, so that I get my logging in order (especially re trackable visits) (especially when it was found on a big geocaching trip), then later (possibly immediately, possibly much later) I send the answers in to the cache owner. The owner might reply immediately, or they may be on a caching trip and reply some days later, or they may have retired from the game and never reply. Once I get the reply I convert the Write Note to a Found It, and add any favourite point.

So sometimes, I have trouble finding the earth cache I write noted on in order to sit down and do the answers, or to  realise that the owner is not responding and log the find anyway. Sometimes it is a few months before I realise there is an outstanding earth cache to finish.
Does this sound familiar?

Would a PGC page highlighting Write Notes on Earth caches be useful to find those old earth caches still in a half-completed state? Perhaps with an embedded code word so that PGC does not flag write notes logged for other reasons?
in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.3k points)

1 Answer

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On your profile page on, you can go to Geocaches, theyn select "Write Note".  This will show all the caches that you have written a note.  While it does not filter for only Earth Caches, does make it easy to find caches with notes.  Can also go directly to the written note display at this link:
by ormustr (4.0k points)
selected by the Seagnoid (Expert)
Of course! Brilliant!