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+7 votes
I think it would be interesting to see the "Average" difficulty and terrain for hides.

Having those numbers as footers under the "Placed by difficulty rating" and "Placed by terrain rating" tables would be great - just as they are listed under the comparable "Finds by difficulty rating" and "Finds by terrain rating".  No need to see these averages by year, just overall.

in Feature requests by noncentric (190 points)
Great idea and it would mimic the find side.

2 Answers

0 votes

There is no doubt: The average D/T-values of hides is much higher than for find. Just because those with low D/T values have more finds.

My finds have an average D=1.81 and T=1.83

For the hides I would estimate average D=2.1 and average T=2.9.                                                                     
I have 480 hides, now, and
"301 (62.7%) hides were rated with Diff or Terr of 3 or greater "

I love caches in trees and mountain tops, but most of these have only one digit visits. Easy access caches have three digit visits. (Trondheim, Norway is not too densely populated...)



by Y? O! (580 points)
0 votes
Not a bad idea and if you were to spin it further ... what about a D/T matrix for hides? So many possibilities :-)
by _Ulle_ (1.1k points)
There already is a D/T matrix of hidden caches on the Hides page of the PGC profile. That is why I think it would be a perfect place to add the average values.  :)