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How can I check for the cache that is placed furthest to the south in Europe?
closed with the note: As there is no quick solution (as a search function in PGC) to solve this matter I will close the question. As
in Miscellaneous by The Dartmoor Pixies (550 points)
closed by The Dartmoor Pixies
Good question. Both the Map NESW/Oldest and Map Compare can filter on a single country, but not a group of countries. You might have to go through each country one by one to see...

The most southerly listed coordinates I'm aware of is for GC3TMG7 (which I found because I was amused by the fact that its listed coordinates were closer to my home than where I was at the time)
Thanks for your reply.

4 Answers

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The question is difficult to answer for two different reasons:

1) Generally speaking there is the question what you consider the cache placed furthest to a geographical extreme in a given area. Should the header co-ordinates count or where the physical container is placed (in the case of multis, unknown caches, wherigos etc.)? For me it is clear that what counts are the header co-ordinates, because you cannot know where the final of any non traditional cache lies until you have found it / solved the riddle. Consequently, there is no way of telling which is e.g. the southernmost physical cache container in any given area. Generally speaking, PGC does exactly this when calculating geographical statistics, i.e. what counts are the header co-ordinates. However, e.g. seems to use physical containers for their extreme points, so there does not seem to be a universal consensus on what definition to apply.

Remark: The downside of using header co-ordinates is that in principle COs could put the header co-ordinates of e.g. a mystery cache outside the geographical extreme point of a country into the sea (where this applies) just to own the geographically most extreme cache while there might be a pre-existing traditional which so far had been considered as being the most extreme one. While there is nothing in the rules preventing this, I would not consider this to be very fair.

2) What the southernmost cache in Europe is depends of course also on how you define Europe. Geographically? Politically? Unfortunately, and consequently also PGC are inconsistent in this respect. Some European countries (still) own territories outside Europe which geographically clearly do not belong to Europe. However, some of these territories are considered "countries" of their own by and PGC (e.g. Guadeloupe, Falkland Islands), others are not (e.g. Canary Islands). Consequently, it is impossible to use simple search functions on PGC to search for the southernmost cache of Europe.

Remark: an additional difficulty (even if marginal) stems from the fact that strangely enough PGC uses geographical data when determining the state and county a cache is in (i.e. levels 2 and 3 of geographical classification) but blindly trusts the CO when it comes to the country (i.e. level 1). Thus, when searching e.g. for caches in Spain you might get also a cache located in Ghana only because the CO decided to indicate the cache is in Spain.

Conclusion: As any politcal definition does not seem to make much sense when looking for the southernmost cache of Europe, I personally would use a geographical definition and look around manually. Which leads to GC2C49R "Trypiti - The Southernmost of Europe" on Gavdos as being the southernmost cache in Europe.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your trip to southern Greece :-)
by k+gw+a (11.8k points)
selected by The Dartmoor Pixies
Thanks for your reply.
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The southernmost cache of Europe on the island of Gavdos

The island of Gavdos is located about 36 km south of Crete in the Libyan Sea and is the southernmost island in Europe. Together with its smaller, uninhabitated sister island Gavdopoula it forms the community of Gavdos, the southernmost Greek community. The distance to the North African coast is 250 kilometers. The Canary Islands, the French overseas departments and Cyprus are further south, but only politically, not geographically.

Trypiti - The Southernmost of Europe   GC2C49R

by Minos2003 (4.8k points)
Thanks for your reply.
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Obviously by the map in Spain, Italy (sicila) or Grece (islands) but not so simple according choices
Normally, the top south place of the european block is Tarifa, Spain (36° 00′ N, 5° 36′ O)
Counting Grece Islands  Gavdos, 40 km south Crète, Grèce (34° 48′ N, 24° 08′ E) but also
Canaria Islands, in Spain (27° 38′ N, 17° 59′ O) or also Cyprus (member de EU), Britain place d'Akrotiri (34° 34′ N, 33° 02′ E)
if you just sort by latitude around these places in a text list it's done ;-)

Simple or not according to prerequesit
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)
Thanks for your reply.
–3 votes
The coordinates are clear  for traditional geocachies, but which coordinates should decide whether this is the southern geocache for the specified region (Europa or Czechia) - geocache coordinates or the final coordinates for these geocache?    The final coordinates are in Czechia.(GC3TMG7).
by medvedzl (1.8k points)
Thanks for your reply.