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URL parameter to disable dynamic location notifier

+2 votes
New cache notifiers with dynamic center can be enabled using "&enable=1" in the request URL. For that feature to become more useful it should be possible to also disable a notification using a URL parameter - today the website has to be used.

Suggestion: Enable "enable=0" or "disable=1" URL parameters for

Example usecase: I'm regulary working at customers and want to have a notification for new caches there. So I have Tasker set up to enable a certain notification when I enter a zone larger than the actual target area (i.e. it looks like I'm driving to that customer). When leaving the site again I'd now like Tasker to disable the notification again.

Not a usecase: When at home I don't want duplicate notifications -> System currently doesn't send more than 1 notification per cache, already covered.
asked Dec 5 in Feature requests by kamla (240 points)

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