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I have read the FAQs that relate to FTF.

I have created a bookmark list of my 238 FTFs. However, in my profile stats, I'm shown as having 240 FTFs. I'm guessing that, in addition to the bookmark list caches, two of my caches have logs that, inadvertently, have a supported 'tag'? Comments?

It would be useful to know all the supported tags. (The FAQ only mention some.)

Is there any easy way to identify the extra two caches that shouldn't be in the list? (So I can edit my logs.)
in Support and help by BaSHful (390 points)
Since posting this question I have realised that the GSAK generated list and Project-GC list are numbered and in date order. Still a bit of a chore but managed to identify the two problem caches. It turns out that one was a genuine FTF that I had not flagged as such (and have now added to the bookmark list). The other was not a FTF but had 'FTF' in the log. I have edited the log and that will hopefully resolve the matter.

I also filtered my GSAK database for other found log containing the string 'FTF' and found over 600! Obviously Project GC is not identifying most of these as FTF and it would be interesting to know why.

However, pragmatically, I'll just make sure that going forward all non FTF logs do not contain FTF. That should ensure accuracy (provided I keep the bookmark list up to date).

1 Answer

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I also do not know all supported tags. However, using statistic tools like GSAK provide the feature of listing the hidden or publish date and your found date. They should be similar or at least close to another. This can provide a direction to udentify the two.
by _Ulle_ (1.1k points)