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Wrong found caches in Virtual GPS [closed]

0 votes
Whenever I add caches to the VGPS (e.g. from favorite point search with center/radius) it shows me some caches as found which I actually never found.
It seems quite random and also happens in regions where I for sure never found any cache.

They show up with status "Found" in the VGPS and also in the GPX export their status is found. After loading them to my c:geo and refreshing the data the found disappears....logically.

If I can deliver any more details to find the problem, just let me know.
closed with the note: Did not happen again since then.
asked Dec 10, 2018 in Bug reports by Lineflyer (4,250 points)
closed Jun 16 by Lineflyer

1 Answer

0 votes
Do you share the VGPS with a Friend ?

Perhaps he found some allready there ?
answered Dec 20, 2018 by GrafZahl75 (1,260 points)
No, totally unrelated to anyone I know, and my vgps is not shared with anyone.