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0 votes
I'm interested in getting a list of lonely caches that a user has found.  I understand that this currently cant be done in challenge checker form, but I'm hoping that we could add a "tool" to find qualifying caches that a given user has found.  Basically caches that a user has found that were not found for the previous year from their find date.

Such a tool would be very helpful.  To make it even more powerful, it could include a list of caches with the number of days since they were found (or published) before the users "found it" log.  A total of all the days for all the lonely caches found.
in Feature requests by Geo-Knot (430 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
You can find more discussion in this thread:

The last time I looked into this they weren't able to look at previous find dates using the API and therefore couldn't calculate the date between your find and the previous log.
by msweetnw (1.7k points)
Yeah, I saw that thread.  I understand that checkers are limited to the API, but the tools on project GC have access to a duplicate database, or at-least that's my understanding.  So I'm asking for a for a new feature in the tools section of the website. (or wherever makes sense)
Oops, I didn't realize that it was posted in the "Feature requests" section. Sorry!