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+2 votes
As the owner of several challenge caches, I find it tedious to verify the qualifications of people who claim finds.  Sometimes they link to the Project-GC checkers, sometimes they don't.  Even if they do, it's just text that they write in the log and could easily be faked (haven't seen this done yet, but it's possible).

It would be really nice if there was a tool on Project-GC that would show the challenge checker status for every user who has logged a find on my challenge caches and call specific attention to any logged finds that fail the challenge checker.

The user experience might be like this...

User loads the tool.  Tool shows a list of all the user's owned challenge caches with a single-icon indicator showing the status of all the finds for each cache (green = all logged finds are valid qualifications, red = one or more of the finds are for users who do not qualify for the challenge).  User clicks on one of the listed challenges.  Tool shows a list of all users who have logged a find on that cache and an icon that shows their qualification status (green = challenge checker passes for that user on that challenge cache, red = challenge checker fails for that user on that challenge cache).  The icon is a link to the challenge checker prefilled with the selected user.  The list also links to each user's Geocaching profiles as well as the individual logs.

This could probably be a Project-GC premium member only feature.

This would let me as a challenge cache owner easily see at a glance if all finds are properly qualified or if there are any that I need to look into and perhaps contact the user and/or delete logs.

A related feature would be similar to the email notifications for FPs and log images.  But this one would be a notification for any logged finds on your challenge caches for which the user does not qualify for the challenge.

Of course all of the above would only be possible for challenge caches for which a checker exists.
in Feature requests by BWJM (200 points)
This would be a great feature! I just released my first challenge cache although I don't really need it for this cache I don't expect more than 30 people to find it due to the difficulty in getting to ground zero.
Very good idea for challenge cache owner !

1 Answer

+2 votes

I don't own a challenge cache, but I found one yesterday and noticed something.

In the log section, right beneath the username there is a "Checker result", marked with a Check sign and the timestamp if the user fulfils the challenge. Also see appended picture.

I am a PGC Premium Member and have the Tampermonkey script from PGC for Geocaching website enabled. I don't know if it is automatically checked or not, there also seems to be a slight delay in time (log date and checker date). But there is kind of a tool you're looking for.

For reference: this is the cache:

by clappy (14.5k points)
edited by clappy
That's interesting - I have never seen that before.  I might need to look into that further.  Thanks for sharing!
Great tip! I'll have to check this out.
It's a pretty new function in the browser extension. It's only been there for perhaps a month.
Can you share the image on some service where it will survive more than a week? Now it shows it is already deleted.
Thanks for the heads-up, I re-uploaded the image to another hosting service.
I like this feature! I can see who has run the challenge checker below their username as you have shown in the picture and if not I can run the checker myself using their username.