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The basic configuration of the D/T-Matrix provide only to fill the "total" D/T matrix and show list of potential caches. An extension is to filter the output by cache type or even by size.

Like to have as input the matrix filtered by cache type and get as output list of potential caches of the filtered cache type.

e.g. goal is to complete (next round) of the D/T matrix for Tradi, as like can be filtered within the Profile.
make D/T-Matrix tool only to provide Tradi to complete the D/T-Tradi-Matrix.

sure also for other types ... like Multi, WIG, Letterbox, Earthcache, ...
in Support and help by AR-Team (630 points)
recategorized by pinkunicorn (Moderator)

1 Answer

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This is possible in the tool already. Use the filter "D/T Type/Size" to filter your previous finds. (The filter "Cache Type/Size" only limits the suggestions, not your previous finds.)
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)
I've filled my mystery matrix but now I want to fill my other matrices e.g. tradi matrix.
If I use the D/T Matrix tool and select the filter Type/Size > Traditional it shows me what tradtionals would fill the complete matrix, not the tradi matrix specific.

I you go to "My Profile Stats" > "Difficulty / Terrain chart" you can click on "Type: All" in the top right corner to view other matrices. I believe the question is about having that feature in the D/T Matrix tool.

I was looking for that feature and found this question. So I thought I might as well respond here instead of creating my own question
As I said, you need to use the "D/T Type/size" filter, not the "Type/size" filter.