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Problem with advanced search?

0 votes
Advanced search seems not to work tonight. I hit "Search" it turns into "Searching" for less than a second before returning to display "Search", but no results are shown. Tried both Chrome and FF and various combinations of search fields, including some that I have used successfully before. Something down?

asked Dec 29, 2018 in Bug reports by chermberg (290 points)
I was seeing the same thing today when trying to bring up caches for owner names starting with 0 (zero). It would switch to Searching but show no results and the button return back to Search.

Can others get an advanced search with Cache Owner starts with 0 and Location of New Jersey, United States?

1 Answer

0 votes
I just quickly did an Advanced search (a cache owner and a country), it searched for about 3 seconds, then there was the result table. Apparently it works, at least on Opera.
Maybe you can provide more info on the search fields you used? Or just try again, maybe it was only temporary?
answered Dec 30, 2018 by clappy (11,780 points)

Yep, it was temporary. It worked like a charm a few hours later, and I thought I should post a note about it, but forgot. I used the fields cache owner, cache name and location (country + region, but not county).