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I'd love to be able to look at Delorme stats. I know there's checkers, but just something I know a lot of cachers have problems with. Sorry if this is a duplicate questoin.
in Feature requests by memomls (740 points)
Can you explain what "Delorme stats" are and provide a link with some information?
There's a Delorme Challenge in most of the states in the US. The requirement is to get a cache on every "page" of the delorme map. Below is one for Florida.

I've found plenty on the challenge checker.  Most of my trips are planned around getting counties and Delorme pages. I know of many other cachers who have done the same. Thank you so much.

1 Answer

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I have also asked this question recently and at this time, Project-GC does not have DeLorme stats or DeLorme map capability. The answer is that this feature would not be useful to the whole world. See post:
by WanderingExplorer (6.8k points) will show you your completed DeLorme pages.  You can also use GSAK under the challenge macro to run DeLorme for caches you have not found yet or what you have found.