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Hello everyone, Happy New Year!

I was wondering, how do I find the number of days between the last found and my found for each cache? Can I do all of my logged as found caches in one go?

Thanks and best wishes for 2019.


in Support and help by pwala (160 points)

3 Answers

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This is a often asked question.

Currently there is no way to do it.  The Geocaching API exposes function that allow Project-GC to determine your statistics... in isolation from others. This is how the challenge checkers work.  Project-GC does not have information about the person before/after you in each caches log. 
It would also appear to expose an API for caches themselves, and this simply gives data on the date placed, date last logged.... so on.  This second part is more speculation on my part

by GreyHams (1.7k points)
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It is possible to find lonely caches, not found in 365 or more days before your find:

Therefore it is possible to write a Checker for a list of all your found.

Best regards

by micha_de (7.1k points)
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Thank you and in turn happy new year 2019
I am not sure to understand but I see my number of days without finding by clicking my dashboard on the first tab of my statistics, in the 3rd frame "few figures", there is the number of days without caches find

tréduit du francais par google translate

Merci et a mon tour bonne année 2019
je ne suis pas sur de bien comprendre mais moi je vois mon nombre de jour sans trouvailles en cliquant mon tableau de bord sur le premier onglet de mes statistiques, dans le 3éme cadre "quelques chifres", il y a le nombre de jours sans caches trouvé

by Chup'a (11.2k points)