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In checking on find counts in a Wisconsin county I now get a smaller number than previously ( likely years ago).  At that time I had seven finds in Adams county.  I now show two.  When I add a filter for Disabled and Archived I get the count back up to five.  I am still missing two caches in that county all seven of which were found in November 2010.
in Support and help by GrampaFuzzy (120 points)
Do these caches still exist? Aren't they unpublished or something? Generally pulling the finds through Support ->Self-support works ...
It all depends on how you're trying to find them. I just tried with both Map Compare and Map Counties and found 7 for you in both tools (2 active and 5 archived).

Also, can you give the GC codes of the ones you're seeing? That may help us to answer why you're not seeing the others.
If you see all 7, can you share the link example?
In response to sumbloke: I am using Map Compare ( I am not a member, thus no Map Counties ).  I find GC1QY27, AND GC2EY5B.  When I add Disabled/Archived, I add GC1YV2T, GC2EY55, and GC2EY58.  I do not get GC2F5A5 or GC15NJH, both of which are also archived.  Adams County is one example.  I have the same problem in other counties as well.  Thanks for all the prompt attention from those who responded.  GF
This problem just resolved itself.  Apparently I had turned on some filters restricting the Difficulty/Terrain, and also Cache Type.  I apologize for wasting your time, thanks again.

1 Answer

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"When I add a filter for Disabled and Archived I get the count back up to five."

Are the two you first find among the five? If not, the simple explanation is that you the only filtered for D and A and not for active. 

(Sorry if this is a stupid suggestion, but every now and then the simple explanations turn out to be correct.)

by Y? O! (580 points)