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I logged caches on 1/7 and they still aren't showing up in challenge checkers.  While I can use the Refresh found geocaches self-support, it seems like overkill and a waste of resources since I really only care about the last 100 or so.  While another 24 hours won't kill me, it seems like an impractical answer to my needs.
in Support and help by ODragon (130 points)

1 Answer

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I took a look at your Profile Stats page about 5 minutes ago and it said “Data from 2018-12-25”. I just looked again and it has been updated using “Data from 2019-01-19” and it shows your cache finds in Jan. My understanding is that by looking at your profile stats I triggered an update. I am not sure if that happens with challenge checkers. Are you a paying member or active user of PGC? That can affect the stats refresh rate.
by msweetnw (1.7k points)
Thanks for checking.  I ran the Refresh Found Geocaches so it is possible it was that that triggered the update.

I'm not a paying member but I was under the impression that updates should be more often than monthly.  Either way, the checker is at least working now which clears up a bunch of stuff.  

I'll remember to try checking my Profile stats next time and see if that triggers anything.
It should update after 24 hours for paying members and 1 week for everyone else. From the PGC membership page: “The Profile stats are generated weekly for non paying members. With an upgraded account they will be updated daily.”

There was also a recent thread where the first answer contains some insight:

I sometimes experience something similar when I check my stats. If I look the next day sometimes it doesn’t show the updated stats until I refresh the page. I assume that it is a lag due to the processing time. The first time I load the page it sends the request but uses the previous days data and then a few minutes later if I refresh I get the updated data.
In the same thread in answer 3 I also concluded that weekly refresh for not paying members is not a strict rule. I retested this for my answer in the thread mentioned, but noticed this behaviour already long ago (1 or 2 years at least)