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Showing x founds per Cachetype in a row

+1 vote
There are some challenges asking for a specific number of finds in a row (daily streaks)

So like 100 Tradis in a row, 50 Mysties in a row.

I found a way to get information about how many days in a row I found a cache. ==> But not per Cachetype

I found on which days I found Tradis ==> but not per year ( in a row)

Any solution for that or a feature request extending by filter "year".
asked Feb 3, 2019 in Feature requests by supertwinfan (13,360 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
If you have some specific challenge cache in mind, check if the challenge cache does not have the checker already, for example here on the map:

If not, please use the challenge checker forum to request a new challenge checker. There are many people willing to write you a checker or tag existing, if it is that common:
answered Feb 3, 2019 by Jakuje (Moderator) (103,300 points)
+1 vote
Hi here is a checker to check 111 myst in a row

here you can check if you have 100 multi in a row

here you can check if you have 31 virtuals in a row

And you canb try to find challenge checker for other  types on this page
answered Feb 8, 2019 by Rolli2 (6,210 points)