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This might be bit off topic for project-gc functionality but I'm trying to set up a goal tracking spreadsheet in Google Sheets using project-gc data. I was hoping to be able to aggrigate information pulled from various pages but can't seem to get project-gc authentication working (so can't access the data).

I'm trying to use oauth2 authenticaion via scripting through project-gc to my account so that I can pull and aggrigate data from various project-gc pages.

Has anyone got this (or something like it) working and can give me some assistance?

Regards, John
in Support and help by SirJ-Oz (190 points)

1 Answer

–4 votes
I had it too, it happens everytime, if PGC servers are overhauled. Try it in later evening hours. It worked for me.
by Ficule (820 points)
This does not look like answer to this question.