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0 votes
To contribute to this forum, I have the habit to have a look at 'Unanswered' questions, but sometime when i don't read well the title in don't see some that are flagued [Close]

Would be nice to remove the [Closed] conversation from the list reported for 'Unanswered'
related to an answer for: Close out old Unanswered
closed with the note: it was a mistake/misunderstanding
in Feature requests by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
closed by Pepegeo
I do not see closed questions in the Unanswered list. Can you show an example of a question that is closed and is in your Unanswered list?
You right, I suppose I do another selection and only look at the color of the box and spot some [closed] close to the orange box. When clicking on 'Unanswered' no [close] question are shown

Sorry for that mistake