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This problem was reported few months ago and as there is a workaround, may be not considered at this time.

As i'm quite tired to apply the workaround I submit it again to see how many people are affected.

Problem arise when a pseudo is defined with an ampersand. Generally two names. Exemple 'Christelle & Fiona', or 'Doriane & Romain'.

Problem is : it is impossible to enter the '&' sign in a normal way in the middle of the name, no character appears when the key is typed.

This behaviour was visible on Win10, Chrome (a lot of versions since months, years) in any language selected and also with virtual keyboard.

Workaround is to type the whole pseudo without the '&' sign 'ChristelleFiona' and after that come back with arrow to insert the ' & '. : tedious

May be a small thing to change at input routine, or could help with this workaround if not solved
in Bug reports by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
I tried a bit on my Mac. In Chrome I can't seem to get it to fail at all.

In Safari, if I just type the entire name, it fails. If I type a bit of the name and then select the correct user from the dropdown, it works as it should.
Works as expected on Linux in Firefox. You should probably try different browser. Linking also the old report would be good for reference for the ones that did not follow that.
Even better: keep all information in the same topic if there already is one.
Sorry but trying on a Mac or Linux is far from what could happens in Ms-windows

Please do me a favor, type exactly this sequence on a window/chrome environment:
select 'Statistics', select 'Profile stat' then 'd' 'o' 'r' 'i' 'a' 'n' 'e' when you enter the ' ' the sole pseudo appearing is 'doriane gaubert'. If you try to enter the '&' nothing happens and the list never show the full pseudo 'doriane & romain' during typying

Hopefully the workaround exist otherwise some pseudo containing special character(s) could be reached

2 Answers

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As I tried to enter your search string "doriane & romain" it showed the problem you are describing (on my Win10/opera environment).

However, what it also showed was an error message "this search box is case-sensitive" (or something like this).

So, when I tried "Doriane[Space]" it showed "Doriane & Romain" as first entry in the drop-down. Same with the Christelle & Fiona. No needto enter without the ampersand and then insert it later. Starting with the capital letter in this cases worked for me.
by clappy (15.7k points)
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Although I do not seem to have a problem with the ampersand, I have a related problem with the plus (+). Whenever I search via the dashboard ( caches hidden by a pseudo that contains a + (unfortunately, this is also the case for my own pseudo, I am afraid) I have no problem entering that pseudo or selecting it from the list of suggestions but instead of coming up with a list of caches hidden by those colleagues I am directed to the general (advanced) search mask with somewhere in between not very prominently the line: "That username does not exist in the system". Try e.g. wit-gele-+ ( or Jasi+Saba ( The same happens when I open the listing of a cache by that user and click on the link "other caches hidden by that user". (Note that the statistics on PGC in the section "Finds by owner", however, give the correct number of caches hidden by such users.)

Do others have the same problem? If so, are you aware of a workaround?
by k+gw+a (12.6k points)