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Re: GC80T86 - Cuyahoga County 365 Date Challenge

The output from this challenge checker results in a 366 calendar grid composed of days found in green and days not found in red. As a person with red-green color blindness, I cannot differentiate between the 2 colors.

Is there a way to have these colors edited? Either as defaults or by the Cache CO or by the end user? I believe a color combination of either black and red or blue and red would work for most color blind folks. Use of BOLD or italics may also be useful. A host of information concerning IT accessibility is available under

thanks in advance for any assistance

Robert Pritchard  

in Support and help by kribnkrew (200 points)

1 Answer

–2 votes
This sounds like an issue with a single challenge checker you are referring to. The checkers are written by volunteers and not all of them are following this Q2A so the best you could do is to write the author an email or message through the geocaching.

Only the checker author can modify the checker for you.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
No this is a general probelm for a lot of challenge checkers which checks for days of caching.
Dates of founf, dates of hide and in combination with number of finds.

But maybe it is a basic checker, which is than tagged by different challenge writers
In any case, nobody else but the checker author can fix this for you.