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+20 votes
It would be great to implenent a function to have not only the total statistics but also to see it for a certain time frame.

e.g. for each year etc. to see how man virtuals, multi countries ...whatever.. made in that time frame.
in Feature requests by Rumreisenden (4.3k points)
Great idear.

Would also like to have that function.
That sounds like a great idea!
Yes indeed, great idea.
And perhaps within a certain area.
For a more 'indepth' statistical analysis (to help cachers to plan a trip/vacation for example) it would be nice what happend in that timeframe/ area
things like: sort of logs or favorites given or publiced/active/archived caches or ... [fill in blank]

Other things that come to mind (some might be overlapping or even dubble ;-) sorry for that)

The ammount of caches in that area - (total ammount inclouding archived)
the ones that are currently active (altough published before the given time period) (additional filter for temp caches - e.g. events)
the chaches that are published within the given time period and the caches that are archived within that time period.

totals and per individual geocache/log/type and per time period (gross and by percentage)
the ammount of logs
the ammount of caches
the ammunt of favorites
the ammount of photos made
the ammount of attributes used
the ammount of caches per size
the ammount of caches found per month/weekday
d/t matrix
longest/shortes log
the online duration (in days - if more then 1 year display  in years)
the altitude of the cache mesured from sealevel
the distence a cache has travelled ? (yes the do - although they sould not)
the most fisited caches  in the given area /timeframe
you know stuff like that.

in other words all the available information in a given area /timeframe
It would be nice if it could be given in a nice stats page (like profile stats) but cold hard 'written' data would also do the trick. (data usage??)
Is there any intention meanwhile to implement that?
You can make stats from first find to <date> by adding "?llh=2019-12-31" to the profilestats URL.
Fx. "" for "from first find to 2019-12-31".

But yes, it would be nice if there could be set a "from" date also.
Add your up vote as I just did and hopefully it will be persuasive enough to implement the function.

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