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Region not correct

+1 vote
GC1NDMA is in Utah and shows correctly on our statistics. Our statistics on Project-PC shows that we have not found any caches in Utah. Cache is placed beyond the border "sign" and is indeed in Utah. Please advise if there is a way to correct this. We'd like to post the HTML on our profile page but only if it is correct.

Thank you.

asked Feb 18, 2019 in Bug reports by GreeneTeam (130 points)

1 Answer

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Project-GC uses map data to figure out from the coordinates in which region (and county) each cache is located instead of trusting what the cache owner thinks. In the case of the US, we are using official census map data (TIGER). Be aware that signs are not necessarily placed exactly on borders; there are practical issues to consider for sign placement as well.
answered Feb 18, 2019 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (135,350 points)
Thanks for the quick response. As noted earlier, cache is placed well beyond the border sign and is located in Utah. It is not on the sign. It shows correctly in Utah on, google maps and other geocaching statistical programs. Will check again in a few months to see if its been corrected and continue to use a different stat program for profile display in the interim.
If you zoom in on the map on or Project-GC, you'll see that the cache is marked as being about 5m (about 15ft) south of the border. lists the state the cache owner has specified, regardless of where the cache actually is. Project-GC goes the other way and uses the actual location, disregarding any location details except country which were specified by the CO.