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I'm not sure if this is a feature request (working as designed), or a bug in the implementation so I guessed on the category.  If this needs to move to a different category, please let me know.

The situation revolves around a Virtual GPS list that I've shared with a friend.  We're planning a caching adventure and rather than using a bookmark list I thought that using a vGPS would be a great collaborative tool for adding cache targets for our trip.  I own the vGPS list and shared it to our friend's account, granting read/write permissions.  He's confirmed that he can add caches through the vGPS page using the controls in the table menu.

The problem we're encountering is that while on the Live Map, our friend cannot add caches to the vGPS list despite the fact that it looks like it's working.  Specifically, while on the Live Map, he clicks on the cache icon and then click the +GPS icon.  The animation of the cache floating up to the vGPS in the top menu is displayed, but when he goes to the list, it's not been updated.  When I perform the same action, however, caches are added to the vGPS list as expected.

I've asked our caching friend to log out of Project-GC and back in again to see if that resolves the issue, which it hasn't.  This feels like it should work - especially since it shows the animation of being added to the vGPS - which I've submitted this under "Support and Help".  I've not actually seen the behavior first hand (yet), but if there's something that we should try on either side, I'd be very interested in hearing any ideas.

Thank you in advance for everyone's time!

closed with the note: Cannot reproduce problem as everything is functioning as expected.
in Support and help by WeBeTNT (120 points)
closed by WeBeTNT
Well, it looks like it was just "one of those random Internet things" as the vGPS list is working just fine.  The next time our friend logged into Project-GC and tried using Live Map to add caches, it worked just fine.  As a test, they created a vGPS list and we were able to add caches to this list as well.  Since there's nothing really to fix, I'll close this thread.