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0 votes
I have an FTF list , public and some of the caches shows up in my FTF list on project gc-com. ( . On the list I have this cache: but it does not show up when I list my FTF's. I could show it on a screen dump but no luck. My profile is (pli). Another cache that does ! show up in the FTF list is

How come ?
closed with the note: Now all lists are equal
in Support and help by pli (160 points)
closed by pli

1 Answer

0 votes
Hello.  I found that modifying the log to specifically say {FTF} and adding it to my list is the best way to get them to show up on Project-GC.  Hope this helps.
by 8_is_Enough (900 points)
I did that for many logs, but if the log in question has been the cache that was locked !! I could not do it that way around. And since the Public FTF list is a supported feature in project gc-com, I'm propably going to report it as a bug..


Your Project-GC Profile:  shows GC12913 (AGB) as find #22 on your FTF List.

No, not in my request , even tried ctrl+f5 to refresh from server, but in my FTF list ( it is no 22. why does my profilestats differ ?
Just give it a day or two and it will hopefully fix itself also for you. I see that cache in the FTF list too.
Yes, today both lists are equal, thanks for support