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Feature Request: Tick-box show/don’t show archived in map compare

+4 votes
In "map compare" there is the very handy possibility to switch on/off your own finds on the map or caches "none found" with a little tick box in the menu you get by hovering over the button in the top right corner of the map.

Would it be difficult to add another tick box to switch on/off archived caches in the same way (provided you have set the filter "show archived" to "on")? I am aware, of course, that I get the result I am looking for by setting this filter to "off", but then I have to run a new search. (And again if want them on the map again.) Which is rather tedious, especially if you select an area with several thousand caches. It would just be handy to be able to quickly switch them on or off on the map.

Not a must-have, of course, but if it’s easy to programme it would be a nice to have.
asked Mar 20, 2019 in Feature requests by k+gw+a (10,690 points)
I would like to support this  feature request. Great idea
I have asked for this feature repeatedly. I know there are ways around seeing the archived caches on certain maps, but they are all tedious and a toggle on the map itself would prove very useful in my opinion. I attempted to include a screen shot of an example where it would be useful, but this forum won’t allow me to do so
At least for the screen shot part this should be possible - I just came across another post that shows one (of Guadeloupe, in that case).

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