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+1 vote
Sometimes I pull up maps, and they are all very good and helpful, but I don't understand the symbols. A key would be nice.

I'm looking at a challenge map. I understand the ones I have completed, eligible not found, not eligible, etc. But some just have a yellow square instead of green, some show pencil in addition to smiley. It's confusing. What do the symbols mean and can that be added to output pages???
in Support and help by chaosinmotion (190 points)
I have requested an icon legend a number of times, and it was my nagging that got them added to the live map (yay!)
But I will keep nagging, and I recommend you do the same. Just because I now know what they mean does not mean new users to the site will.

A simple link on the bottom of each map page to a sperate page or pop-up would solve the problem.

2 Answers

+1 vote
The ones with a yellow cache icon have no checker, the ones with a green icon do.

If there is a pencil icon in the lower right corner of the cache icon then you have written something in the personal cache note field.

In the lower left corner at least the following can appear:

- checkmark in a green circle: the checker says you qualify

- green checkmark without circle: you have corrected coordinates (doesn't appear if there is a checker)

- red stop sign: the checker says you don't qualify

- blue circle with a question mark: the checker hasn't been run for you yet
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (180k points)
The Live Map has legend for most of these icons:
Hi pinkunicorn - please hassle the site coders for a legend. It only has to be a link at the bottom of each map page to a separate page or popup. The current way PGC requires all new users to PGC to learn the icons (ie by trial and error), is frankly, unacceptable (and I have harped on about this before. Numerous times)
0 votes
Found this hint
The legends on PGC are pretty sparse, but the icons should be pretty self-explaining after some time of use. If some of the icons is not clear, please, clarify.

There is a legend in the Live Map (after clicking on the (i) icon on the left bar), which explains some of the common icons (fulfilled challenge, not fulfilled). Then there is the question mark if the challenge checker is not automatically ran for you and if there is no icon, it means there is no checker. I am not sure if there are some other icon
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
The icons are never self explaining regardless of familiarity. Learning the icons does not make the icons self explanitary