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Help! I know I can get to new cache notifiers by using google but there must be an easier way

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asked Apr 7, 2019 in Support and help by Sidewaze (230 points)

2 Answers

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Go to the Your home page here, and drop down the right hand menu under your userid.

You will see the choice “new cache notifiers”

Set up what you need. The facility is wonderful!

You can also set up Event notifiers.
answered Apr 7, 2019 by GCZ Team (19,760 points)
selected Apr 7, 2019 by Sidewaze
Awesome, thanks. I've been looking at the other 4 drop-down menus but hadn't thought to look there. I always set up new cache notifiers when I travel - - - it's led to several first to finds. (No need to use google any more :).
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And please check the infomation within:

Great notifiers for traveling/holiday.

answered Apr 7, 2019 by supertwinfan (15,480 points)