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0 votes
I have found 3 caches in the Nunavut Territory of Canada. Groundspeak/Geocaching correctly places the caches in Nunavut but Project-GC seems to place them in Quebec. GC6Z600, GC748Q6 & GC794HE

Google shows the cache locations on islands clearly in Nunavut. When Nunavut was split from the Northwest Territories, all the islands in Hudson and James Bay are in Nunavut.

Kindly correct. Thanks!
in Bug reports by Tom n Chris (120 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
This is not possible as long as the Canadian Census data showns the coordinates in Quebec,

PGC is using the official data mapping and the cache locations are made by using the polygon data.

This differs from the data on where the region is given by the CO based on google earth mapping.
by vogelbird (Expert) (54.0k points)