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+1 vote
Is the new Geocaching API also affecting the Discover Trackables Tool?

We have just tried four different legitimate numbers, and all have failed with the message "Token not valid".
in Support and help by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
Whatever glitch this was (probably API?) it now seems to be working (14.19pm BST)
Had the same problem.

But as there are some known issue with the API, I tried it some minutes later and it did work.

So please try again after some time.
Yes - I did try again (see my comment).
At the moment it seems not to work..

I added appr. 250 TB-Codes in 4 or 5 parts for discovery into the tool (Giga-Event in Hamburg) yesterday evening and none of them has been discovered yet.

Also, the queued number of trackables has risen from around 2.500 yesterday to more than 37.500 at this moment...

Is it a problem with the new API? Or is the number of TB's in the queue rising extremely faster than "normal" times?

I added 290 coins to the queue, all discovered without error in project-gc but they don't appear in my profile at What can I do?

1 Answer

0 votes
I was able to have a look at a huge TB collection at an event recently and added 991 TB codes to discover them - after 500 successful discoveries the tool stopped and hasn't continued for hours now. What could be the problem?
by Duo Baculi (320 points)