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0 votes
There is a discrepancy between the Fizzy grid on my account and on my account. Specifically, my account shows 17 1.0/2.5 finds and shows 15 finds for that grid. Why is that?
in Support and help by unclerojelio (260 points)

Have you checked the actuality of the day. GC is "realtime". Project-gc is one day behind or as a non member about 7 days behind.

I am a member and it’s been this way for almost a week now.

2 Answers

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Best answer

Actually, the answer is not refreshing finds but cleaning up your logs. You have several double and even some tripple logs on some caches, which is probably making the mess. Fortunately, PGC has a very simple way to find these logs:

by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
selected by unclerojelio
0 votes
I note that there is a significant difference in your find counts between GC and PGC, more than just the two that you mention. I recommend your stop geocaching for two days since you are a PGC paid member (10 days if you have not paid a PGC membership), to allow PGC to catch up with with GC data. But not if that means compromising any streaks or calendar projects you are working on!

Use  the top three options of Support > Self Support > Refresh to get PGC to regrab all your finds. This should fix the problem.

After that your counts should match between GC and PGC
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.2k points)